Welcome to our new site

I’m excited that Northtown’s updated webpage is here. A lot of work by a
number of people has gone into updating it. Our desire is to discover and
use all of the features available to help the communication and functioning
of the church and to connect with the community in which we live.

When I was growing up people located a church by looking in the phone book
or they saw ads for churches in the local newspaper.  I can’t remember the
last time I looked in a phone book or purchased a newspaper. Second to
relationships with other people, the internet is now the primary method
people utilize in finding and exploring churches in their area. That shift
in approaches serves as another reminder that churches have to continually
update themselves.  It’s not just enough to have a webpage (we’ve had one
for years) but it must be updated continually to communicate with the
ever-changing world in which we live.

Churches are organizations that must find the balance between holding to
timeless truths and exploring innovative methods. I used to hear that it is
not good enough to be the church of the 1st century, 4th century, 19th
century or even the 1950s, 60s, or 70s. Now we have to admit that it’s not
good enough to remain the church we were in 2012! That doesn’t mean
everything has to change. It does mean that methods must be continually
re-evaluated to determine if they are still fulfilling the goals they were
originally created to accomplish. What resonated with people ten years ago
may no longer have the same effect. What spoke to a predominantly white
neighborhood a decade or two ago may not connect with the multi-cultural
neighborhoods in which we are now located. And what is relevant today to one
culture of people does not relate to another culture of people living in the
same time period. That is one of the many things that makes church life

So “Thank You!” to the team that has worked so hard behind the scenes
building this updated webpage. You’ve taken the quality of our previous
webpage and made it even better. And you are still researching and working
to make more improvements in the future.

-Curtis Williams